In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, one of the first Epic Quests available to us is given by Rick Sanchez. He instructs us to go to buy a Shield Potion from a Mending Machine (not be mistaken for a Vending Machine, although they both work the same way). In the guide below, we explain how to complete this quest so you can move on to the next task!

The location of the Mending MAchine in Believer BEach.

To explain this task, we are going to use the Mending Machine in Believer Beach (formerly Sweaty Sands). In the image above, you’ll see that the Mending Machine in this area is outside the gas station on the western edge of town. Approach the Mending Machine here, and follow the instructions below to purchase a Shield Potion.

How to buy a shield potion from a MEnding Machine.

On the left, you see that as you approach the Mending Machine, you are given the option to use it. Press the primary interaction button on your controller to open a radial menu. In the image above on the right, you’ll see you need to select the Shield Potion (or in this case, Mini Shield Potion). After you select this item, confirm the purchase on the next page of the radial menu.

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Once you have followed the instructions above, you’re done! You’re not ready to move on to the next Epic Quest.

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