To buy a Lamborghini in BitLife, players will need to visit the car dealership tab in the game. Players can also find this tab under the asset go shopping tab.

Under a car dealer, players can find a Lamborghini under the listed cars if they are lucky. But, they will probably need to refresh the listings or check another dealer for one in other cases.

To refresh listings, players can either close and reopen the app or age up once. It’s ideal to do either method until you find the Lamborginihi under the car dealer ship’s listings.

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Once you find the car at a car dealership, you will need a ton of cash to be able to purchase it and your driver’s license. You can get the money by having a job that pays a huge salary like a CEO or similar higher-up job.

For the license, you will need to pass the driver’s test if you haven’t already. Overall, the test is a straightforward affair, but we have a driver’s test answer guide that can help you out if you get stumped.

That said, once you have both the money and proper paperwork, you will be able to purchase the Lamborghini in Bitlife.

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