GTA Online is about working your way to the top and getting the swankiest of penthouses and HQs to plan your heists from. If you are lucky enough to have some dollars in the bank you can purchase multiple houses and apartments within the game, so how exactly do you do this?

The way to purchase properties within the game is to access one of the estate agency websites where you can purchase different types of buildings, for example:

  • Maze Bank Foreclosures is for Arcades, Bunkers, Clubhouses, Facilities, Hangars and Nightclubs
  • Dynasty 8 Real Estate is for Apartments, Houses and Garages
  • Dynasty 8 Executive is for Offices

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To purchase/exchange a property simply:

  • Go on your phone/laptop in your current apartment
  • Go to the Money and Services tab
  • Go to the either the Dynasty 8 Real Estate or Maze Bank Foreclosures websites
  • Click on the property you wish to purchase
  • Confirm the purchase and then any remaining balance left over will be transferred to your player bank account.

And with that you can start buying properties to expand your GTA Online empire, as well as places to plan your upcoming heists so you can purchase even more apartments!

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