If you are wondering how to purchase a house in Bitlife, here it is and more. 

How to purchase a home in Bitlife

To buy a house in Bitlife, you will need to visit the go shopping tab, and under this tab, you will need to click on another tab called the realtor. Under this realtor tab, you will be able to buy any house of your choosing from a selection of listings. 

That said, to purchase a house, just click on a house you like and choose from two options; pay with cash, or apply for a mortgage. The first will purchase the house outright from the funds in your bank account. The second will buy the house with a loan, so if you are trying to get a costly one, this will not be a good idea. 

This is because you will find yourself going into debt quickly if you don’t have a good job that can support it. Luckily we have a guide listed below that will help you in that respect.

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Once you purchase a home, you will unlock a few options, such as giving it to someone, holding a party, or even choosing to sell it at a later date. To do the latter, all you need to do is click on your house under assets and click the option to sell it, and pick a price you want for it.  

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