If you are trying to figure out how to build underground storage in Going Medieval, it’s easy and can offer you many advantages. But first, to build underground storage, you must first clear out space by using the pick icon on the bottom right of your screen, as shown below.

Once this button is clicked, hold down the right mouse button and move it over an area in the game. This will then mark that area, and your settlers will soon run over and start digging the space out. 

You will need to give your settlers a few moments to complete this process, so feel free to use the speed time up button at the top of your screen.

 When enough time has passed, and your settlers finally finish digging an underground space, you can then make your underground storage by pressing F7.

After pressing F7, click on the option that will pop up called default stockpile, and then select the type of stockpile or underground storage space you want to make from the list of options shown below.

Each of these storage options serves a role in the game, default storage is for resources, dumping is for waste and garbage, and warfare stockpile is for weapons and armor.

That said, pick whatever one you want and then highlight the underground area you just dugout with your settlers. This will then create your very own underground storage, which can help keep food from spoiling and other resources. 

However, make sure to build some stairs, or your settlers will not be able to get down there. Along with stairs, also make sure to close the area up with walls and a roof, or it will defeat the purpose of underground storage

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