After completing East Luterra, players will unlock the Stronghold and sailing. Upon going to their Stronghold for the first time, their butler Adeline will greet them and task them with various quests and objectives. One of these is building the Bella Lucia.

In Lost Ark, the Bella Lucia is the first ship the player can build for Dispatch Missions. Players will need two Iron Ore and two Timber to build the Bella Lucia in Lost Ark. They can then complete Dispatch Missions once they build it.

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Players will need the mining and logging trade tools to get Iron Ore and Timber. Ore shows up as blue rocks on the map, and players should have obtained a quest to gather Iron Ore in Lakebar. There is no quest for timber, so players will simply need to find trees marked by a log on the map.

Once they have the required materials, players can return to their Stronghold and build the Bella Lucia. Dispatch Missions are a good way to get Stronghold experience and materials, so get that ship built and start sailing!

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