Not long into Black Skylands, you are tasked to start building on your Fathership, which is the main base of your operations. You have to rebuild it after what concludes after the prologue, and each building will allow you to start crafting new things.

To build on the Fathership, you have to clear out the rubble/debris that appears on the patches of soil. To do this, walk up to the debris, and hold down the button prompt that appears. Do this for every piece item.

Once it all has been cleared, nearby there will be a nearby wooden sign, or as the game refers to it as a blackboard. Interact with this sign, and a menu will appear, with all the buildings you can construct. All these structures need materials to be assembled.

Choose the building you want to build, and hold down the button prompt to construct it. After a brief animation, the building is now yours to interact with and use.

In Early Access, there are five buildings you can build:

BuildingDescriptionMaterials Needed
GardenAllows you to sow seeds and harvest plants2x Wood
2x Stone
ArmoryAllows you to acquire equipment, weapons, mods, and player upgrades.1x Wood
1x Stone
1x Scrap Metal
FactoryAllows you to convert ore into Ingots3x Stone
Ship WorkshopAllows you to acquire skyships, components, cannons, and ship upgrades.3x Wood
1x Stone
BarHere you can drink and get a temporary boost2x Wood
2x Stone
1x Plates

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