The Frost Queen Cookie is a Legendary Magic Cookie who typically lives in the middle of the team formation. Despite being Legendary, she and her Soulstones are attainable through a 250-pull pity or by luck through the free limited Frost Crystal Gacha. Players can also obtain her through the regular Cookie Gacha.

Frost Queen Cookie Skill and Gameplay

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Freezing Squall: Casts a squall of freezing energy dealing damage and freezing all enemies. Once Frozen, the targets’ Cooldown will be paused and will receive an additional portion of damage when thawed. If the Freeze debuff is dispelled, the targets will not receive the additional damage. Frost Queen Cookie herself is immune to freezing. While Frost Queen Cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

Skill specs:

  • Cooldown: 18 seconds
  • Single hit DMG: 67.8 percent (+0.9 percent DMG per level)
  • Freeze Duration: two seconds
  • Freeze DMG: 271.2 percent of ATK (+3.6 percent DMG per level)

Frost Queen Cookie introduced the freezing debuff to the game. When enemies are stunned, their Skill Cooldowns will continue to drop. But when frozen, the Cooldowns stay frozen as well. So when timed correctly, Frost Queen’s Skill can help your team dodge a deadly attack from an enemy team. This Skill shines in the Arena, where the opponent’s debuff immunity is not guaranteed. However, as bosses are immune to most debuffs, Frost Queen Cookie’s kit isn’t the best choice for World Exploration.

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Best Frost Queen Cookie Build

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There are plenty of ways to build Frost Queen Cookie. Your Toppings of choice depend entirely on what Bonus Effects you can pull. Cooldown reduction is always a must-have stat, so opting for a full Swift Chocolate build is an option. Alternatively, if you can pull a ton of Bonus Effects cooldown reduction, you can opt for a full ATK Searing Raspberry build. Meanwhile, using two Swift Chocolates and three Searing Raspberries (and vice versa) for a balanced build is also a great choice for Frost Queen Cookie. 

For Treasures, the cooldown-reducing Squishy Jelly Watch is a must-have. Pair it with DPS-boosting Treasures like the Grim-looking Scythe, Seamstress’s Pin Cushion, or Old Pilgrim’s Scroll.

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