Cocoa Cookie is Cookie Run: Kingdom’s hot-cocoa-with-a-marshmallow-on-top-obsessed darling. Despite her adorable disposition, as an Epic Defense Cookie, she belongs to the front of the team, charging against hordes of enemies with the help of her favorite hot drink.

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Here’s what you need to know about Cocoa Cookie’s Skills and best Topping builds.

Cocoa Cookie Skill and Gameplay

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Cocoa is Love: Cocoa Cookie jumps into a giant cocoa mug and happily spins around for a given time, attacking the enemies. At the same time, Cocoa Cookie restores the HP of all allied Cookies, except for summoned creatures, and makes them immune to stunning. While Cocoa Cookie is using her Skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects. Cocoa Cookie’s regular attack will heal three allies (targets Cookies first) with the lowest HP.

Skill specs:

  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Skill hit DMG: 41.7 percent (+0.57 percent per level)
  • Healing: 42.8 percent of ATK (+0.58 percent per level)
  • Stun Immunity duration: Eight seconds

Cocoa Cookie has a unique battle mechanic: she has no auto-attack. Instead, when her skill is inactive, she’ll heal allies by a percentage of her ATK stat. While you miss out on DPS, Cocoa Cookie can help sustain your team against glass cannons, especially in the Arena. Her stun immunity is also a huge part of her kit, as it can counter the Sea Fairy Cookie’s notorious stuns.

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Best Cocoa Cookie Build

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There are lots of different ways you can build Cocoa Cookie depending on how you want to play her. Her best-in-slot would be a full Swift Chocolate build to maximize its Cooldown reduction main stat and set effect, allowing Cocoa Cookie to deal more DPS. An alternative option would be a full Solid Almond build for its DMG Resist main stat and set effect—fortifying Cocoa Cookie’s tank prowess.

If you’re willing to break up sets, you can do two Solid Almonds and three Swift Chocolates or vise versa. However, you’ll miss out on the set bonus as both these Topppings only provide a five-piece bonus.

Additionally, consider wearing the Squishy Jelly Watch Treasure to help further decrease Cocoa Cookie’s Skill Cooldown.

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