To build buildings in Monster Harvest is straightforward. On your farm, you’ll notice there are signs everywhere. By interacting with these, you can construct or upgrade your buildings. Both buildings and upgrades use the same sign. You have to build some of the buildings first before you can upgrade them. The house is the only exception.

A window will appear, informing you of all the materials and the money needed to upgrade or build. For example, for the first House Upgrade, you need the following:

  • House Upgrade 1
    • $15,000
    • 200 Wood
    • 200 Rock
    • 50 Titanium

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Once you have the required cash/materials, interact with this sign again, and the construction/upgrade will have become highlighted. Press/click on it, and all that cash and those materials will be gone, and you’ll have either a newly constructed building or your first upgrade.

Due to Monster Harvest being a farming simulator hybrid, you’ll be able to build and upgrade multiple buildings around your farms, from stables to barns. Each upgrade will increase the capacity allowing you to have more animals and things on the farm.

The house upgrade is purely for decorative value, being able to build more chests for storage everywhere as every farmer stores a plethora of chests inside their house and nothing else.

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