When building bases in V Rising, you will need to place a Castle Heart as the foundation of your base. Placing a Castle Heart will allow you to claim an area on the map as your base of operations. To build a Caste Heart, you will need 30 Blood Essence and a hefty sum of 240 Stone

You can get the Blood Essence you need by killing animals and human enemies in V Rising. To get the Stone you need, you will need to mine either Ruin walls or Stone nodes shown in the image below. 

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But to mine Stone, you need a Mace. You can make a mace if you haven’t already by going to the Crafting Tab in your inventory. You can find the Crafting Tab by hitting the Tab key on your keyboard. After hitting Tab, locate the Crafting Tab as shown below.

Under the Crafting Tab, you will be able to craft a simple Bone Mace for 30 Bones. Use the Mace to mine the Stone nodes for the Stone you need to make your Castle Heart. 

That said, once you gather enough Stone and Blood Essence, you are ready to start placing your Castle Heart. To place your Castle Heart, look for the build menu on the right of your screen, or just hit the B key. Hitting the B key or clicking the build menu hammer icon on the right of your screen will open the build menu.

Under the build menu, you will have several options, but you don’t need to pay attention to those just yet. Just focus on the first Tab, where you can find the Castle Heart as the first build option. Click the Castle Heart and find a suitable location to start your base, then place it. After placing the Castle Heart, you can expand and build your base. 

How to power the Castle Heart in V Rising

To power your Castle Heart, you must gather Blood Essence and place it inside. To get Blood Essence, you need to kill living things like wolves and human bandits. 

Blood Essence will drop every time you kill a living thing, but only in small amounts. Because of this, we recommend you farm bandit camps and other locations to get a stockpile of Blood Essence for your Castle Heart. After getting Blood Essence, place it inside your Castle Heart by clicking on it and dragging the Blood into the Castle Heart. 

Once you place Blood Essence inside the Castle Heart, it should say that it is being powered and will run out in a few hours. If you want to extend the time, place more Blood Essence inside the Castle Heart. 

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