If you are trying to complete the Hunky Honeypot Challenge in BitLife, one of the objectives/requirements is to bring your family to justice. However, bringing your family to justice might seem difficult, luckily it’s not once you know all of the steps. That said, the first step to bringing your family to justice is to become a Confidential Informant.

After becoming a Confidential Informant, you must gather evidence against members of your crime family to fill an evidence bar. When the evidence bar reaches full, it will lead to convictions against members of your Mafia family. When convictions and arrests are made, it will complete the Bring your family to justice objective in the Hunky Honeypot challenge. 

When gathering evidence, we recommend going for higher-ups in the crime family, such as the Godfather, and various sub-ranks such as CapoCaptain, etc. However, gathering evidence is a tricky affair as if you are unlucky, your fellow gangsters might accuse you of being a rat. When you get accused of being a Rat, it can quickly result in your death. Luckily you can minimize the risks of being caught snitching as a Confidential Informant by increasing the relationship meeter with members of your mafia. 

We recommend making friends with all the higher-ups in the family by giving them gifts and spending time until you have almost perfect relationships. Doing so will cause them to trust you more so that you can snitch on them without fear of being caught. 

How to become a Confidential Informant in BitLife

To become a Confidential Informant in BitLife, you must first become a Mafia family member. You can become a Mafia family member by finding the job under the Crime section of Special Careers inside the Occupation job tab. Under the Crime section, you can select the Mafia crime family and try to join by selecting a method. 

Depending on your experience with committing crimes, you should be able to join using any of the methods. However, if the Crime family you are trying to join has a high notoriety bar, you have little chance of joining. That said, once you join a Mafia Family, you can become a Confidential Informant by searching for the option under Activities in BitLife.

How to gather evidence as a Confidential Informant in BitLife

Once you are a Confidential Informant in BitLife, you can gather evidence against your fellow Mafia members by clicking on their profile under Relationships or the Mafia family tab. Under their profile tabs, you can gather evidence by using the Snitch option marked with a pencil and notebook icon.

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