Goats are one of the new mobs in Minecraft that have a wide range of item drops for players. Players can also breed goats, and to do so they must first find a goat and then lure it back to their base wheat.

Once safe and sound in a pen, players can then feed two goats with one piece of wheat each to cause them to breed. Afterward, a small baby goat will appear similar to other animals in the game.

That said if you are trying to find goats, you will need to search mountain biomes towards the tallest peaks of mountains and around the surrounding hills next to them. 

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This is because goats have a tendency to spawn around mountains. Once you find some goats, you can then lure them back to your base or butcher them on the spot. Doing so will cause the goats to drop mutton upon death. However, if you lure them back to your base, you can then milk them for goat’s milk. 

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Along with this, if you cause the goat to crash into blocks, they will also have a chance of dropping a musical goat horn that sounds like that of the horn heard during raids.

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