Players that want to breed an Axolotl in Minecraft will need a dedicated pool in their world. We recommend building the pool near the player’s home or frequented spawn point since the pool and stored Axolotls should be an easily identifiable location.

The total materials you will need for breeding Axolotls is one pool, two Axolotls, and two Buckets of Tropical Fish. The pool itself doesn’t need to be very large nor should it be, since the Axolotls should be close to each other for breeding purposes. How you design your pool is ultimately up to you, but Axolotls can climb upward a distance of one block. We built a 3x3x2 pool and only filled the water up to one block’s worth.

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With the pool constructed, place each Axolotl inside the pool. Then feed each Axolotl a Bucket of Tropical Fish each. Hearts will erupt from the Axolotl after being fed. In a matter of seconds, the Axolotls will breed and produce a baby Axolotl.

Axolotls have a chance of spawning in five colors: Lucy, Wild, Gold, Cyan, and Blue.

Where to find Buckets of Tropical Fish

Wondering where to get the Buckets of Tropical Fish? These items can be purchased from wandering traders or can be found in oceans. If the player searches for tropical fish themselves, they will need a bucket of water. Upon finding the tropical fish in the ocean, right-click the tropical fish with the bucket of water equipped to scoop it up.

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