Players can breathe underwater through two main methods in Minecraft: making and using potions of water breathing and making a helmet and enchanting it with respiration one through three.

To start, you can make water-breathing potions with the following materials. 

  • One Pufferfish
  • One Nether Wart 
  • One Water Bottle 

All of these materials are easy to get if you know where to look. For starters, you can get the pufferfish by fishing at a water source with a fishing pole. You can also increase your chances of getting a pufferfish if you enchant the pole with the luck of the sea enchantment.

Now to get nether warts, you will need to search in nether forts in the nether and locate small to large farms – this might take a while because forts seem to spawn rare ever since the new biomes were added. 

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For the last material, you will need glass to make, and once it’s made, simply find a water source to fill it up to make a water bottle. After you get all three materials, chuck them into a brewing station, and you will make a potion of water breathing.

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Moving on, for the next method of breathing underwater, you will need to make a helmet enchanted with respiration. You can find one of these books by either looting dungeons or trading with villagers when they have them inside their inventories. That being said, you can trade emeralds for items villagers have, and you can get emeralds from mining deep underground.

Because of this, we recommend both looting dungeons and checking villagers until you find the book. Once you have the book, place it along with a helmet inside either an enchantment table or anvil, and you can make a helmet with respiration in exchange for experience points.

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