Going underwater in games can be an absolute treat, but it also comes with the stress of oxygen levels being limited. Horizon Forbidden West not only lets you discover the life under the water’s surface, but also has a way for you to breathe down there for longer. Here is how.

During the Sea of Sands mission, Aloy will need to build a device that allows her to sustain being under water for longer in order to find Poseidon. She will then create a Diving Mask which enables her to swim deeper down indefinitely. Handy stuff.

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Obtaining the mask is going to be key for accessing quite a few areas that bear a question mark (?) symbol. For those that want to platinum the game this will be crucial in being able to do that.

There are also sections where you will need an Igniter to gain access. So, keep in mind that some areas won’t be available to you until you have managed to get both the Diving Mask and the Igniter.

This also means that there is quite a lot of backtracking to do, so you will definitely know the lay of the land by the time you have collected everything and earned your 100% trophy.

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