Upon exploring the areas of F.I.S.T Forged in Shadow Torch, no doubt, you’ll come across metal doors that you cannot open or even destroy. Due to F.I.S.T being a Metroidvania, there will be a time where these doors can be opened.

These doors, when approached, will automatically update the map. Some will turn red and others yellow. These Yellow Doors with the Fist icon will be the first ones you will open. To break them, you first need to progress with the story and meet Master Wu. Complete his training combo lessons, and he’ll teach you the Power Punch.

This Power Punch can break these Yellow Fist Doors. To use the Power Punch, you need to hold down Square, and Rayton will begin to charge up his mechanical fist. When there is a flash of light from the fist, this means that the Power Punch is ready to be unleashed. Let go of Square, and the power move will be performed.

Do this Power Punch in front of a Yellow Fist Door, and the door will be destroyed, allowing you access to explore further. But make sure that the Switch on the door is facing you. If you come across a Yellow Fist Door on the map that the Power Punch can’t open, it’s because it’s the back of the door, not the front.

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