Crash Pads were added to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 a while ago, and players will have a few seasonal Quests to complete using these mobility items. One of the Week 9 Seasonal Quests requires players to bounce on three separate Crash Pads without landing. While this can be a tricky challenge to complete, there is an ideal spot on the map where players can attempt this challenge. Here’s how you can complete this Seasonal Quest in Fortnite.

Where to bounce on three separate Crash Pads without landing in Fortnite?

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

The beach located between the Sanctuary POI and Mighty Monument landmark is the perfect location for completing this Quest in Fortnite. Follow the white circles on the map image above to locate this spot. You will find around six Crash Pads lined up next to each other. Jump on one of them, and try to land on the other while mid-air. Players can essentially complete the bounce of three Crash Pads without landing Quest within a few seconds at this location. However, several opponents will land at this same location, so it’s better to get weapons and shields before attempting the Quest. 

Crash Pads can be destroyed by opponents, which means you may not see them for too long after landing at the spot. Since these Crash Pads are on the water, players will not take any fall damage if one of them is destroyed while you are mid-air. Alternatively, players can visit an isolated location after collecting a few Crash Pads and try to complete this Quest without opponents interfering. Remember, you will need to place the three Crash Pads close to each other to bounce off them without landing. There are several other No Sweat Summer Quests available at this location. Players can complete multiple Quests here making it an ideal spot for landing.

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