Whether you miss-clicked when trying to add a new friend, did it to an existing friend as a joke but now can’t undo it, or someone just truly deserved it, blocking users can sometimes feel overly daunting. All users that you’ve blocked from your account, whether purposefully or not, can be unblocked with just a few steps. To find out how to complete these steps and trim down, or add to, your own block list, continue reading below.

Block list

Your block list features the names of every user that you’ve ever blocked on Roblox—this list can hold up to 100 users. After reaching 100 blocked users, you will need to remove an existing user from your list before you can block anyone else. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever reach 100 blocked users, so you shouldn’t have to worry about this list filling up.

Blocking users

As much as we wish it weren’t true, not every player that you encounter on Roblox is going to be a good one. Sometimes players bully, speak inappropriately, or just rub us the wrong way. In these cases, said users can be blocked and fully removed from your Roblox life.

Users can be blocked in one of two ways—their usernames can be searched in Roblox’s search bar and blocked from their profile, or, if someone is bothering you during an experience, players can be blocked at any time by locating their username within the experience’s player list.

To block a user from their profile, simply search their username through Roblox’s People filter, select them, and then click the three horizontal dots on their profile. Here you’ll see the option to Block User. This method is true for both PC and mobile.

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To block someone while inside of an experience, you’ll need to first select the Roblox icon in the upper left-hand corner and open the player list. From here, locate the user that you want to block and select the icon of the circle with the diagonal line through it—this is the block icon. If you’d also like to report a user, you can do so by selecting the flag icon. This method is also true for both PC and mobile users.

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Unblocking users

To access your list of blocked users, you’ll need to first enter your account settings. This can be done on PC by clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and selecting Settings. On mobile, tap the circle with the three dots icon from the bottom navigation menu. Scroll down until you see Settings, and select it.

From the settings menu, select the Privacy tab. If you scroll to the bottom of this tab, you will see a heading that states Blocked Users with a list of your blocked users underneath. Next to the name of these users will be a button that says Unblock. To unblock any of the users in this list, simply click on their corresponding unblock button.

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Upon doing so, this user will be removed from your list of blocked users. If you want to add this user as a friend, you’ll need to locate their profile and resend them a friend request, as unblocking a user does not automatically add or re-add them to your friends list.

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