Roblox’s Break In Story is a unique interactive game where you team up with other online players to survive the chaotic havoc caused by Scary Larry and his goons. However, this story has multiple endings and secrets to discover as you play, making it enjoyable every single time. Have you ever noticed the fluffy orange cat that wanders around? Well, you can befriend it for some extra love and healing. Here’s how!

Talk to Uncle Pete

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The first step to befriending the cat is chatting with Uncle Pete. Uncle Pete can be found wandering around the street outside of the home. Clicking on him will reveal a notification on your screen of the list of items he wants. Uncle Pete will give you the mouse for completing this list, which is a crucial part of taming the cat. Every game, this list is random, so you may not be hunting for the same items every time. Apples are good to see on the list because they are probably the easiest things to find in the house.

Collect items

To get the items that Uncle Pete wants, you will have to do a bit of searching and baking. Uncle Pete will always want two singular items and a pie.

Check pie recipe

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It’s probably best to check how to make that pie before searching for items. Head to the kitchen within the house and peek at the fridge door. Here, you will find a paper you can click on to view recipes of all the potential pies Pete could ask for, then you will know exactly what you need.

Search the house

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Once you know what you need, you can search around the house for some items. The items are usually hidden within drawers in various rooms. Look for cabinets with multiple drawers like the image above. You will find apples, cookies, bloxy colas, and sometimes cash. It’s essential that you grab everything you see, especially the money! You can also find items in the basement once it is opened and pick up some extra cash by defeating some Scary Lary minions.

Buy pie pan

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When you reach the part in the story that notifies you to head to the Bloxy Mart, this is when you will want to purchase a pie pan. It costs $40, which is why it’s so important to collect as much money as possible before this time. You can only buy one pie pan per game, so make sure you get to it quickly or notify your fellow players that you require it. If another player buys the pie pan, you can use your funds to purchase any other items you might need for Pete.

Bake the pie

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After you buy the pie pan, it will automatically spawn on the kitchen counter, ready to use. Head back to the kitchen and place the three items corresponding to the correct recipe into the pie pan. Looking at your inventory slots at the bottom of your screen, press the number listed on your keyboard and click into the pie pan with your mouse.

Then press on the pan and the oven to begin baking it. Watch the meter start to rise as it bakes. Once it reaches a green color, click on the oven to take it out before it burns. The pie will spawn on the table, where you and your fellow players can collect one.

Collect the Rat from Uncle Pete

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Give items to Uncle Pete

After you bake the pie, you should have every item you need for Uncle Pete. Be extra careful to give him the items in the exact order they are listed. Giving them out of order will upset Uncle Pete and take some of your energy away. To provide him with the items, select the item by pressing the matching number on your keyboard and click on Pete. If you do this correctly, he will give you the pet mouse.

Give the cat the mouse

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Now, you can befriend the cat by giving it the mouse. At this point in the game, the cat is usually found in the basement. Select the mouse and click on the cat with the mouse in your hand. This will automatically take the mouse away, and the cat will begin to follow you instead of running away.

Pet the cat for healing

The cat is an excellent ally for completing certain endings of the story because it can heal you without any charges. Clicking on the pet will release hearts around the cat and recover some of your energy. You can do this every few seconds, but make sure you keep the cat alive! Feel free to comment below if these steps worked for you or any other tricks you figured out in Roblox Break In Story! Don’t forget to check out our Roblox promos and codes to get free items!

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