To become a Chief of Police in BitLife, you will need to first apply for the cadet job under the listings in careers

Once you are a cadet, work hard and put in many hours, and get promoted fast. Keep working hard, and you will eventually climb all the ranks and reach the rank of Chief of Police in BitLife.

Having decent smarts and athleticism can also help to get promoted faster to Chief of Police. The main reason is that you will need to be both quick on your feet and your brain to solve crimes.

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Putting in longer hours by changing your work schedule is also a surefire way to get promoted faster. However, be careful not to increase it too much as too much work causes stress and can lead to serious health problems for your character.

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Because of this, we recommend increasing your hours by no more than 50, but even then, this is pushing it. You can also raise your stats by reading books, going to the gym, taking walks, and working out.

Rerolling your character before becoming a cadet may also be worth it, as you may get lucky and get a character who already has high stats in both smarts and athleticism.

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