To become an airline captain in BitLife, you will first need to become an airline pilot in BitLife.

To become a Pilot in BitLife, you will need to graduate from university, attend 40 hours of flying lessons, and then pass the pilot’s test. Start by creating a character with high smarts and average stats for everything else in the game.

Overall, the other stats are not as crucial as having smarts. The reason why is this is the case, is that high smarts will help you get through university and clear the path towards becoming an airline captain in BitLife.

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Because of this, you should focus on only maintaining the necessary stats, including smarts—you can maintain your smarts by reading books and going to the library. That said, once you create your character with high smarts, focus on getting through high school and enrolling in university.

University Requirements

When you get to university, just go for any degree as the type of degree doesn’t matter. But while you are enrolled, make sure to get a part-time job to make some money, as you will need it later down the line for pilot lessons.

Keep working your part-time job until you finish university, and when you finish university, move on to graduate school by seeking higher education.Doing so will achieve all requirements to become an airline pilot in the game, and what you will need to do next is take pilot lessons.

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Take Pilot Lessons, Earn Your License

To take pilot lessons, visit the licenses tab under activities.

Under this tab, you will be able to start flight lessons, and you will need to attend Flight School for at least 40 hours. After you’ve got your 40 hours, you can take the pilot’s license test. If you need help with the test, we got the full list of answers in our pilot test guide.

Find a Piloting Job

Now that you have your license, it’s now time to find a piloting job. However, the pilot job is a pretty rare career to track down. Because of this, you might be looking for a while. But fret not, as you can increase the chances of finding it by aging up or closing the app to refresh the listings.

Be careful not to age up too far, or you will ruin your chances to finding it. This tends to happen most around age 30 and above. You will also want to look for something along the lines of Pilot Trainee.

Once you find Pilot Trainee, apply, and hopefully, you will get an interview for the job. If you get accepted, make sure to answer the interview question seriously, and you will get hired.

Once you are a Pilot Trainee, you will need to work hard every year and keep aging up. Doing so will get you promoted to Co-Pilot and get a boost in salary. After that, keep working hard, and you will become a Pilot and then an Airline Captain in BitLife.

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