To become an Accountant in BitLife, you must first set up your character by picking the right stats. We recommend starting an Accountant character with high smarts, and other character stats can just be around average. You can get high smart stats by re-rolling your character or later in the game by using certain activities. However, if you want to get high smarts fast, we recommend going with the re-rolling route. 

You can re-roll your character by simply recreating them in the game. Keep recreating your character, and you can eventually get high smarts. Once you have high smarts, you can start trying to become an Accountant after you finish high school. After finishing high school, you must go to college and graduate with a degree. What degree you graduate with doesn’t appear to matter, but just in case, we recommend going with at least Mathematics or Finance. Either degree should be enough and help you land a position as an Accountant after you graduate. 

After graduating from college, you can get a job as an Accountant by looking for the Jr. Accountant position under the Career tab in BitLife. We recommend aging up or restarting the app if you do not see the Jr. Accountant position. Either method works and will refresh the listings shown under the Career tab in BitLife. 

How to get promoted to Sr Accountant in BitLife

If you want to get promoted to Sr. Accountant in BitLife, you must use the Work Harder option under the Job tab. The Work Harder option will cause your character to put more effort into their work and increase their job performance. Having high job performance will help your character get promoted after aging up. 

What college degree does an Accountant job in BitLife require?

Accountant jobs don’t appear to require any specific degree. However, we recommend choosing at least Mathematics or Finance as your degree for the best chances of getting an Accountant job. 

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