If you want to become a solo artist, you will first need to create your character in Bitlife and age them six years.

When you are six years old, you will then need to go to the body and mind tab and find the instruments option. From this tab, you will be able to start taking music lessons. 

But, along with an instrument, you will also need to take voice lessons before you can become a solo artist – you will also need to practice both talents every year as you age until you finish high school.

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Once you have high talent in both voice and instruments, you can then try applying to jobs seeking a solo artist under a job called Musician. You may also receive job offers from bands if your talent with both instruments and voice is high enough.

However, be prepared to get rejected a lot, and if this the case for you. We recommend practicing and improving your talents and trying again. You can also try closing the app and restarting the game if you get rejected by a record label. If you still don’t see the job try aging up and trying again.

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