If you want to become a reporter in Bitlife, you will need to first find a job labeled Jr. Reporter and apply to it. However, before you can apply, you will need to first go to college and get a degree in English. After this, you will be able to become a reporter in Bitlife, by finding and applying to the reporter job.

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That said, start by creating a character with decent looks, smarts, and health – you can get better stats for your character by rerolling or creating an entirely new character. 

Once your character is created, continue to age up until you finish high school. At this point, you will then need to either apply to college and choose the scholarship option or apply for a student loan.

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 Either method is fine, just make sure to get a part-time job to pay for the student loan route if you choose it. Also, make sure to pick English as your major, and once you have done that, age up a few years until you finish college.

When you finish college, search the job tab for one that says jr reporter, you may need to refresh the tab by aging once or exit the game by closing the app. Eventually, by doing either of these, you should find the reporter job. 

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