One of the many jobs in Bitlife is a Pharmacist, and if you want to become one, you will need to follow the steps laid out in this guide. 

How to get a job as a Pharmacist in Bitlife

To become a Pharmacist, you will need to both graduate from college with a degree in chemistry and Pharmacy School. You will also need to have high smarts, which you can quickly get by just reading a ton of books via the option in activities. You can also reroll your character to get the high smarts you need, but just reading books will be enough to raise the stat from zero to 100. 

That being said, once you got the smarts nailed down, you will need to age until you graduate high school so that you can enroll in chemistry. To do this, simply hit the age button until you graduate, and upon doing so, you should get a pop-up with an option to enroll in college. If you don’t see this option, you can always enroll in college via the education tab. 

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When you enroll, age again until you graduate, and at that point, you will be able to enroll in Pharmacy school via a pop-up option called seek higher education. Furthermore, if you don’t see this tab, you can always find the option under the education tab, and for both college and Pharmacy school, you will need to apply for a scholarship.

To do this, simply select the option when applying, and if you have high enough smarts and are qualified, you will be able to enroll using the option. But if you are not, you can always try taking a college loan or asking your parents to pay. However, the first will lend you in debt, and the latter is unlikely if your parents aren’t wealthy. 

That being said, once you enroll and graduate from Pharmacy School, you will be able to become a fully licensed Pharmacist in Bitlife by finding a job as a jr Pharmacist under the career tab. 

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