If you want to become a Housekeeper in BitLife, you are probably trying to complete the Sinderella Challenge in BitLife. In short, the challenge tasks players with becoming a Housekeeper to complete the challenge. So if you want to become a Housekeeper to complete the challenge or just for fun, start by following the steps below:

How to get a job as a Housekeeper in BitLife

To become a Housekeeper in BitLife, start by creating a character. After creating a character, age up until you reach age eighteen and finish Highschool. Afterward, you can become a housekeeper by searching the job tab in BitLife. You can find the job tab under the Jobs menu option on the main page of BitLife. Under the Job tab, you need to browse the listings until you find one for a Housekeeper position. However, there are a ton of jobs in BitLife, so you may not find the Housekeeper job immediately. 

Because of this, you will need to refresh the Job listings by restarting the BitLife app or aging up one or two years. Eventually, by doing either method, you should find a Housekeeper job. When you find a Housekeeper job, you can become a Housekeeper in BitLife by applying for the job. Once you get the Housekeeper job, you will complete the objective for it in the BitLife Sinderella Challenge. 

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