In Roblox Demonfall, every player enters the game tutorial upon completing the character customization. The player starts their journey as a human, but that is only one of three races in the game: Human, Demon, or Hybrid. To become a Demon, the player must lose the first battle in the tutorial.

By “lose the battle,” we mean: the player must die. Every player enters the tutorial in the same snowy spot, just moments away from discovering a terrible tragedy. Fans of the popular anime series Demon Slayer might recognize this tragic scene from the first episode.

During this moment, the player will face the first demon in the game, and this monster wants the player dead. To become a demon, just let the enemy demon wail on your character until your health reaches zero. Your character will die and respawn in Demon Purgatory as, well, a Demon. This fight is pretty tough anyway, so you wouldn’t be faulted for dying on accident.

If you do not want to become a demon, however, you must pick up the katana and fight the demon to death. The katana is located near the dead body in the cart, and it is explicitly shown in the cutscene.

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Once as a Demon, the player can embark on a different storyline exclusive to the Demon race. The Human and Demon storylines are separate from each other, and you can only complete the Demon storyline by becoming a demon yourself.

To kickstart the Demon storyline, talk with Charles in Demon Purgatory. He will set you up with your first mission, which will push you toward unlocking unholy powers as a soulless monster.

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