To become a clown in BitLife, you must find the job underneath the job section in the occupation tab.

Under the occupation tab, you will want to click jobs and then search the listing label as clown or some variation of clown. It would also be ideal to only do this after you graduated, as the option for full-time jobs will not unlock until you do so.

But despite this fact, it doesn’t appear the clown job has any requirements for Highschool so you can fail or drop out and still get the clown job. The hard part about getting the clown job is not the requirements, it’s trying to find it that is hard.

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The reason why is that it is among one of the rarest jobs in the game, as, unlike most jobs, the clown job in BitLife barely shows up among the other job listings.

Because of this, you will need to constantly refresh the listings to try and find the clown job in BitLife. To do this, we recommend closing the app and restarting the game whenever you fully search the job list. Aging up is also a good option for refreshing the listings for jobs in the game.

Eventually, you will be able to find the clown job using either of these methods and when you do, all you need to do is apply to it and get accepted to become a clown in Bitlife.

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