The long-awaited Return to Monkey Island offers more point-and-click puzzles than our hero Guybrush Threepwood can shake his cutlass at. The game is loaded with our old favorite characters, from evil nemesis LeChuck to Stan the Used Ship Salesman. And when you return to Melee Island, you’ll also be reunited with the Old Pirate Captains. They’re now running a fish shop on the High Street, but there are rumors of a connected secret society. So, how do you become a Chum in Return to monkey Island?

How to be one of the Chums in Return to Monkey Island – Casual & Hard Mode

Once inside the Fish Shop, ask about Sushi the goldfish in a small tank by the door. One of the former pirate leaders reveals that it is the property of Chums, a semi-secret society of anglers. On Casual mode, they also tell you there is no reason to join in the casual version of the game, but you can anyway (by saying please). They’ll give you a fishing lure that identifies you – and others – as a member of Chums. Meaning you can talk to other members of the society if you show them the lure.

How to become a High-ranking Chum in Return to Monkey Island – Casual & Hard Mode

To become a high-ranking Chum, you’ll have to improve your storytelling. You’ll do that by talking to fellow Chums. Always select the same options, so you can create a story that makes sense. Each Chumm will help you expand the story but stick to the original premise.

  • First Chumm: one to talk to is a pirate outside burning Scumm Bar. Show her the Fishing lure and try telling a story (avoid the manatee option). After a friendly chat, pick up her drink.
  • Second Chumm: show the Fishing lure to the locksmith. Practice storytelling with her.
  • Third Chumm: Travel to Scurvy island and speak with Elaine. But first, you need to find her. To do that, go to the Camp and take the Note. Use the information from the Note to find her in Lime forest. Show the Fishing lure to Elaine and practice storytelling. After that, pick up the limes.
  • Fourth Chumm: Travel to Brrr Muda. You’ll come across Scurvy Inspection Point. Fill out the Customs form by checking the last check box. Go to Ice Quarry and show the Fishing lure to the guard. He’ll teach you more and inform you of the previous Chumm called Bob. Yes, it’s Apple Bob!
  • Fifth Chumm: Travel to LeChuck’s ship. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe to come aboard. Show the Fishing lure to Apple Bob, and he’ll teach you how to tell the story perfectly.

Now that you’ve improved your storytelling, return to the fish shop, The Cod’s Wallop. Show your Fishing lure to pirates and tell them your story. Stick to your storyline, don’t insert new characters or say something unrelated to the previous statement. If done right, you’ll become a High-ranking Chumm! Now you can get that flag hanging in the fish shop.

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