Busking is an art form, as it is a balance of Street Smarts and playing an instrument masterfully. In BitLife, you can become a Busker within the Street Hustler career. All you need to do to get better is practice and practice more.

What is a Busker in BitLife?

A Busker is one of the jobs available in the Street Hustler Special Career within BitLife. The Street Hustler career includes four jobs: Busker, Street Performer, Panhandler, and Scam Artist. The Busker, like the other careers, relies on making money in varying increments that are based on your performance in The Streets. For the Busker job, you will need to learn to play an instrument and perform for strangers in public with the hopes that they donate money.

How to increase Busker Skills in BitLife

To increase Busker skills in BitLife, your priority is to master an instrument. Having really high proficiency in an instrument guarantees better job performance, since the whole point of this career is to play music for people on the street. You’ll also want to, within your job tab, practice performing often each year. This is very similar to actions like studying within the School tab while you are younger. To do this, go to your Jobs tab, click on the Busker job (once you have been hired), and click on the option to do a street performance.

How to play an instrument in BitLife

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Playing an instrument in BitLife is pretty easy, especially if you start early in your person’s life (you can start practicing instruments at age six). When you are ready, do these steps:

  • Go to the Activities tab in the app, which is the three dots to the right of the large Age button.
  • Once in the Activities tab, click Mind & Body, the button with the woman doing a meditation pose.
  • Under the Mind & Body menu, select the Saxophone icon that says Practice an Instrument.
  • Choose which instrument you want to practice. If you are not an adult, you’ll need parental approval to practice.
  • Try and practice a few times a year. Keep track of the progress bar of the instrument, as this will tell you how much experience and talent you have playing that instrument.

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