Becoming a baker in BitLife is a pretty simple career with not much upward movement! However, if you’re looking to collect all of the careers in the game, then it’s one you will need to do along the way! We’ll take a quick look at what you need to do to starting baking some delicious pastries in BitLife in this guide.

To become a Baker in Bitlife, it doesn’t really require much schooling, so just get through High School and you’ll be set. Now once you’re looking for a job, just try to look for the little croissant icon that signifies the Baker job. It doesn’t always show up, so you will want to age up if you don’t see it, and continue looking for it each year. It seems to be a relatively rare job option, so you might need to age up quite a bit to find it. Once you do see it, you can apply for it and if you answer the interview question well enough you’ll get the job! Now, just stay working at this job for around 10 years or so to obtain the Baker career achievement. I would work hard each year to make sure you don’t lose your job. You’ll also want to avoid any funny business with people at work or you could get fired!

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