The Warpriest fight in the King’s Fall raid of Destiny 2 builds on mechanics introduced earlier and combines them in a DPS check that can quickly wipe out an unprepared fireteam. This is a more technical fight with every guardian needing to pull their weight.

Destiny 2 Warpriest Fight


For damage, this fight works primarily in two phases: add clear and boss damage. For handling the swarms of enemies, we recommend primaries like auto rifles and SMGs. When it comes to damaging the boss, Divinity, Taipan-4fr, and Arbalest are recommended. Failing that, a solid linear fusion rifle coupled with Well of Radiance should do the trick. We also recommend someone run with Aeons for heavy brick generation.

Phase 1: Enemies

As for positioning, your fireteam will want three teams of two with one on the left plate, one on the middle plate, and the last on the right plate. During this phase, don’t waste any time shooting the Warpriest as they are immune to damage. Instead, focus on taking out all of the adds that appear. After killing enough of them, a Blistered Wizard will appear at the right and left sides of the room. With the Wizards killed, a knight will spawn in each of the three areas. Kill them to trigger the next phase.

Phase 2: Plates

With the knights down, Guardians will see the message “Glyph reading sequence started.” In front of each plate will be a pillar. Behind these pillars are lights that appear when stepping on a plate. The Guardian responsible for the middle plate will step on it first to begin the sequence. They will then look left and right to see if either is the first plate. If neither is, then it will be the middle plate. Either way, middle plate will step off.

Middle plate will call out which plate begins the sequence. For example, if it’s right plate, middle will step off and call out “Right.” Right plate will step on and check for the lights and call out the next in order. The second plate Guardian will step on and call out the last one. With the plates clear, the damage phase will begin. Depending on the last plate in the order, a buff will appear on that Guardian in the form of a large red aura. The fireteam should proceed into the aura to begin damaging the War Priest.

Phase 3: Boss Damage

With damage begun, the Guardian with the aura will need to pay attention to a timer on their screen. If the timer runs out, the Guardian with the buff will die. To prevent this, a Guardian will need to look around the room for a Taken Knight called a Blightguard. Once found, they should eliminate the Blightguard and steal his orb. With the orb in hand, the second Guardian can steal the buff before the timer runs out. This process will repeat two to three times until a message appears saying “The Warpriest calls upon the Oculus.”

Once this message appears, Guardians will need to hide behind the column they were dealing damage from lest they want to be downed. After several seconds, the Warpriest will stop and the process begins again with adds spawning. At half health, the adds will change to Taken enemies, but the process remains the same. With only three columns up, Guardians have a max of four damage phases to drop this boss.

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