While Tunic can be a relaxing exploring game, there is combat. This combat can be challenging depending on which enemies or bosses you are facing. But, one of the hardest parts of the game is when you enter the statue room in the Cathedral.

This is a challenging semi-boss rush where you must face several waves of enemies. These include common enemies you have faced before and the Garden Knight boss. You can choose the order you encounter them in and use the potion statue once to heal up between the fights.

How to defeat all enemies in the statue room in the Cathedral in Tunic

To clear the statue room in the Cathedral in Tunic, you need to activate each statue and defeat all the enemies. You can choose the order you face them, but here is what we recommend.

Start with the Garden Knights, as this is the hardest fight. You will face two of these bosses, but you can defeat the first one before the second spawns if you are quick. We cheesed this fight by using the Magic Orb to pull the Garden Knights and stun them constantly. Make sure you can refill your mana before attempting this.

Next, we did the Fairies. We used the Magic Rod for this fight and stood on one side of the arena. When a Fairy gets close, shoot it with the rod and target any charging their attacks. You should be able to take them all out with your magic pool.

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After that, we fought the skeletons. These enemies can quickly swarm you as they take three hits to kill. So we simply waited for them to spawn and kited them into a group. Once they were grouped up and close, we used the gun to take them out. Any that survive can be picked off with your sword.

The Custodians were next. This fight is easy as long as you correctly time your movements and attacks. Wait for them to attack and then charge the closest Custodian. Then, go down the line and take them all out. You can finish one off before it teleports away or blast it with the Magic Rod if you are quick.

Following that, we fought the frogs. The smaller frogs only attack one at a time, but eventually, bigger shielded frogs will spawn. So kill the young frogs quickly, so you don’t have to deal with them simultaneously with the shielded enemies.

Finally, we fought the guards. These are fairly easy and quick to kill. Try and finish them off before the next enemy spawns, or they can snowball. If you find yourself facing multiple guards at once, rush to the one spawning and kill it before it can join the rest.

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