Even at the lowest difficulty level, the fight against the Spartan Commander in Expeditions: Rome is one of the toughest. Players are required to kill this rebel commander to pacify Asia Minor.

Although the guy isn’t a Spartan, he is wearing armor that makes him immune to attacks below 9. As a first step, we recommend you wait to take over this region until much later. If you do decide to go in early, taking him out will be a bit more difficult.

The first thing to do is to have Caseo Quinctius Aquilinus as the commander and try to have every praetorian you own available in this fight. Everyone except archers should begin at the left edge of the Cavern. The archers should aim toward the middle.

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Because they are unarmed and weak, the middle soldiers usually go down very quickly if you use archers to kill them. You can use your melee fighters to kill the soldiers on the left side of the cave. The enemy on the right will hold a defensive position, allowing you to finish both the middle and left soldiers.

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Do not use any combat items at the beginning of the fight. When you’ve killed everyone in the middle and left of the Cavern, use the middle of the left side to return to the right. There is a small opening here, and enemies will be forced to huddle together, making them lose the advantage of numbers.

As soon as he is within range, have Caseo Quinctius Aquilinus throw a Torch onto the Spartan commander. The flames will burn him for some time, but if it doesn’t work, restart the fight. He can’t be beaten without this initial shot.

Focus on the Spartan commander after all other enemies are dead. Strike him with attacks that damage his shield so that the archers at least have a chance to cause bleed or burn. If someone cannot hit over an 8, use them as shields for everyone else.

While this is a challenging fight, it’s crucial to kill everyone before the commander because they provide too much support to this tank of a boss.

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