Halo Infinite’s open-world offers many things for the player to accomplish. There are collectibles to find and numerous enemy bases to clear out across the map. One such base that may be giving the player trouble is Ransom Keep. It is one of the first bases you can challenge.

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To beat Ransom Keep, you will need to activate and destroy the four silos in the base as well as shut down the vehicle bays. Both of these steps are easy to accomplish if you know where to look. Here is how to beat Ransom Keep.

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Destroying the Silos

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This is the easier of the two tasks. There are four silos that you must first activate before destroying. Head to the control devices to activate the silos, these are marked on your HUD with the scanner and appear as the image above. Once they have risen, you simply need to attack them until they explode. We recommend using grenades or any of the numerous coils laying around to speed this process up and preserve your ammo. Enemy reinforcements will appear throughout this process so make sure you keep an eye on them.

Shut down Vehicle Bays

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This part gets a little trickier. There are two vehicle bays to shut down and both are sealed shut when you first enter the base. The first is easy to spot with its orange energy shield and Scorpion inside. The second is in the short building to the left of the building with the scorpion. These are secondary objectives and you must destroy the silos first.

Once you have destroyed the silos, the orange energy shield will disappear. This frees you to get the Scorpion and shut down the bay. This one has a control panel to the left of the Scorpion. Be careful, there is an Elite with cloak and sword inside who can kill you if you are not prepared.

The second vehicle bay will also open its door at this point. Once inside, you will see another orange energy barrier. To dispel this barrier, you will need to look above it, see the above image, where there is an open platform. You will see an orange fusion silo. Shoot it from below or climb and shoot it to destroy, thus opening the barrier. Simply go inside, kill the few enemies and deactivate this vehicle bay too. Then simply kill all remaining enemies in the base.

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