It’s a bit surprising that one of the toughest fights in Genshin Impact doesn’t come from a weekly boss. Instead, it’s Raiden Shogun herself that is stopping players from progressing in the Inazuma story quest. Beating Raiden Shogun takes more than just a good team and is a taxing process.

You will fight Raiden Shogun twice in the story, the first time being Chapter II of Inazuma’s story and the third being in Chapter III. Luckily, these fights are identical, so you can use the same moves to win both. All you need to do is a bit of prep before fighting her and a winning strategy.

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First off, do not bring an electro character to the fight, as she is immune to electro attacks. What you should consider is a character like Ganyu, who can dish out how damage numbers. If you don’t have Ganyu, go for a heavy-hitting DPS and be sure to use a character like Xiangling or Xingqiu to trigger hard-hitting reactions.

If you want to play it safe, then a bow or catalyst user is the way to go. This playstyle lets you keep your distance from Raiden Shogun so that you can dodge her extremely powerful attacks. You should also bring a healer like Barbara with you and prepare to be in the fight for five to ten minutes. The fight will only end once Raiden Shogun hits halve health.

For the rematch, you will gain a special ability after she hits half-health and it’s pretty much guaranteed that you can’t lose at that point.

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