The Enduring is an Errand in Horizon Forbidden West, which you can obtain by reaching the settlement known as Chainscrape. Upon arrival, you will need to locate the Pit Master, who will hand it to you.

Before speaking with the Pit Master, you will need to have defeated the three other Pit Masters from Scalding Spear, The Bulwark, and Thornmarsh. After beating the three Pit Masters and earning their respective Marks, you will be able to progress with the Errand in Chainscrape.

Enduring Boss Fight

  • Recommended Level – 32

Not only is The Enduring an Errand—but the name of a seasoned warrior, one of whom you will need to defeat to complete the Errand. However, her attacks are powerful and likely to obliterate you if you’re not quick enough to counter each and every strike.

To maximize your chances of survival, you will need to utilize your Block Breaker Combo (R1, R1, R2), as well as the Resonator Blast. By maintaining the pressure and building up Energy for your spear, you can execute a powerful shot with your bow, which will deal a sufficient amount of damage.

Be mindful that the Enduring can be incredibly quick, so you will need to dodge as often as possible. To give yourself more time to move around the arena, hit L1 to bring up your inventory screen. This will slow time down in order for you to act accordingly.

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