Sillydillo is the fifth main boss in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It guards the game’s fifth territory, Oringull Wasteland, and seems to have an affinity for junk. Beating him is the only thing you have to do to clear the stage, Collector in the Sleepless Valley, and open the game to the sixth main area of exploration.

Tips on how to defeat Sillydillo in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

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When you land in the Collector in the Sleepless Valley stage and walk down a bit, you’ll see a Maxim Tomato, and you can choose any one of the evolved versions of Hammer, Bomb, or Needle before you face off against the boss. Just like King Dedede was last time, Sillydillo is the hardest boss yet.

Crystal Needle may be your strongest Copy Ability to use against this loony armadillo. This Copy Ability’s pink crystal attacks can dish out serious damage with some mashing of the action button, especially when Sillydillo lands on his armored back and is momentarily vulnerable. The Hammer’s slower attack speed makes it the most difficult choice for this fight.

Once the tussle begins, Sillydillo will try to cage you with a swoop. You can jump over the cage, but just wiggle the joystick to break free if he catches you. He’ll take a few moments looking confused and wondering why you’re not in the cage, so use them to attack with your ability—or shoot the stars from a range to deal some good damage as normal Kirby.

Beware rolling and spinning attacks in phases two and three

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Phase two begins fast, as soon as you deplete about a quarter of Sillydillo’s health. He will ball up and slam you both down through the ground, onto a lower level for you both to duke it out at higher intensity. You need to use expert timing to slide out of the way just as a rolled-up Sillydillo toward you. It will do this three times, and when you slide successfully, the game action will momentarily shift into slow-motion.

Be ready again for the immediate second bowling roll if you’re next to the side after the first of the three dodges. After the third roll and successful dodge, attack as he is stunned! Then be ready for phase three, which includes attacks with a junk dummy Sillydillo pulls out to pose with.

This is where the difficulty factor ramps up. Steer clear of the spinning attack, which doesn’t aim for you, and try to dodge when Sillydillo throws the dummy in your direction. This is tough, especially since he will then immediately continue his rolling attacks that you must again dodge by sliding with good timing.

Completing Collector in the Sleepless Valley

The optional missions of the stage include:

  • Hit three Of Sillydillo’s Homemade Kirbys
  • Defeat Sillydillo With The Hammer Ability
  • Clear within two minutes
  • Clear without taking any damage

Beating Sillydillo and accomplishing the other missions may require practice and multiple attempts. Try to perfect your movements, and consider using some of the Treasure Road stages to master your skills with each Copy Ability. Otherwise, think of bringing a Maxim Tomato with you to use in a pinch, especially in phase three. With that, congratulations on defeating the fifth main boss of Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

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