Towards the end of drop two, players will encounter a mysterious shrine maiden ghost right after defeating a previous ghost. Beating the Shrine Maiden is a bit of a challenge as it is the first time players are introduced to the taint mechanic.

To beat the Shrine Maiden, players will need to focus on getting close-up pictures and causing as much damage as possible before the taint removes too much of their health.

It should also be noted that players should heal up right after beating the previous ghost, Fuyuhi Himino. The reason why is that you risk dying early in the boss fight because the taint will slowly drain your health.

For this reason, it’s better to go in at full health, so you have the largest chance of surviving the encounter.

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When you are at full health, you will need to focus on getting pictures that get the most damage. You can cause more damage to ghosts when you target the ghost’s weak points represented by the floating circles that often appear.

Getting as many of these weak points in a photograph will increase the total damage your picture does to the ghost. So this is what you will want to focus on as much as possible to win the encounter while also dodging the Shrine Maiden’s attacks.

Keep both up, and you won’t have any issues beating the shrine Maiden in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.

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