As the Lamb, you are tasked by the One Who Waits to defeat the Bishops of the Old Faith and free this ancient god. This is a difficult task as each Bishop has many followers you must get through first. But once you reach one, including Leshy, you will have to face them in combat. This may leave you wondering how to beat Leshy in Cult of the Lamb.

Leshy Boss Guide – Cult of the Lamb

Leshy is the first Bishop of the Old Faith you encounter and is a jump up in difficulty compared to other bosses you’ve fought already. Leshy has several moves and can overwhelm you if you aren’t careful. Here is how to defeat Leshy in Cult of the Lamb.

In addition to various attacks, Leshy also summons enemies throughout the battle. You will want to defeat these and keep them down, or you can get surrounded quickly. They are also a good source of Fervor. Keep an eye on any enemies when dodging or moving around the arena.

Many of Leshy’s attacks are close to his own body. You’ll want to dart in and dart out in between these attacks to deal damage. Leshy can create spikes in various directions and generate shockwaves around him. So don’t get greedy, or you may get caught by one of his attacks.

Leshy can also fire projectiles and leap into the air, slamming down, so don’t get too comfortable at a distance. You will want to constantly move to avoid getting trapped or caught in one of Leshy’s attacks. Take your time and strike this boss when an opportunity presents itself.

Who is Leshy in Cult of the Lamb?

Leshy is a Bishop of the Old Faith and rules the Darkwood. While the weakest and lowest of the Bishop, Leshy commands many followers and tries to stop you from freeing the One Who Waits. Leshy has a natural theme mixed with some demonic elements, especially when you battle him.

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