As the Lamb, you are tasked by the One Who Waits to defeat the Bishops of the Old Faith and free this ancient god. This is a difficult task as each Bishop has many followers you must get through first. But once you reach one, including Heket, you will have to face them in combat. This may leave you wondering how to beat Heket in Cult of the Lamb.

Heket Boss Guide – Cult of the Lamb

Heket can be quite a challenge as this Bishop uses a mix of projectile and melee attacks. To top it off, Heket will summon minions throughout the fight. You will need to divide your attention between Heket and the summoned minions. Here is how to defeat Heket in Cult of the Lamb.

Heket’s most common attack is to jump and crash down to the ground, causing a shockwave. You will need to watch where Heket is and where the boss will land. You also need to watch her tongue as she can shoot this out with a lot of speed.

For ranged attacks, Heket can either fire projectiles or her tongue but will also spit out a group of flies. You should kill these as quickly as possible because they will chase you down. Frog enemies will also spawn; you need to kill these, or you risk getting overwhelmed. This is also a good source of Fervor.

Overall, you want to keep a middle distance between Heket and yourself. Rush in when Heket finishes using a move and remains stationary. Get a few hits in and dash away, but also make sure you are taking out any enemies that spawn.

Who is Heket in Cult of the Lamb?

Hekat is a Bishop of the Old Faith and rules Anura. Heket is the second Bishop you face after defeating Leshy. Throughout your time in Anura, Heket will cause illness amongst your followers. You must defeat this frog-like diety to ensure your cult thrives.

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