Greundgul the Regent is the final boss of Starstone Barrows, the expedition located in Everfall. To beat Greundgul, you need to dodge his attacks, which can stagger and knock you down, and kill the bones he throws as fast as you can.

Where to find Greundgul in Starstone Barrows

Greundgul is located in the final chamber of Starstone Barrows called the Crypt of the Regent. You’ll need to fight through the entirety of the expedition to reach him. This includes traversing the beam puzzles, fighting many groups of enemies, and defeating Alectos the Relentless.

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How to defeat Greundgul the Regent

Greundgul has two phases and many mechanics to keep track of. It’s important that the tank distracts her and that all other party members stand out of reach. Her melee attacks have a wide range and do lots of damage. They also have several movement effects.

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Some attacks will stagger your character, interrupting any actions you are performing. When Greundgul lowers her sword to her right and sweeps it up, anyone caught in its path will be knocked back. And when she slams her sword down on the ground, it will knock down anyone it hits.

Greundgul will target players at intervals and throw a bone at them. This bone will stick in the ground and summon skeleton minions. It is targetable, so be sure to kill it as fast as possible. If you don’t, more skeletons will appear and overwhelm you.

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Once you deplete Greundgul’s health bar, she will collapse into a pile of bones. Don’t be fooled. She will reassemble and start phase two. This phase is much like the first except for a new leaping attack.

Greundgul will leap at random players, causing massive damage where she lands. Upon landing, a purple wave will extend out from her and damage anyone it touches. You can dodge this wave if you time it right. She will jump a few times in succession then proceed with her normal moves.

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In this second phase, Greundgul will also throw three bones instead of one. Much like in the first phase, be sure to destroy these bones as fast as possible, or you will be overwhelmed.

Greundgul offers a challenging battle for players. Make sure to avoid her melee attacks if you are not the tank, kill the bones and skeletons as quickly as possible, and dodge her damaging purple wave in the second phase, and you will defeat her in no time.

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