Golgoroth is the mutated protector of the Taken King, Oryx. This mostly immune monstrosity works like a traditional MMORPG fight with Guardians taking up classic roles like Tank and DPS. Here’s how to party in the pit with Golgoroth and come out intact.

Golgoroth Guide – King’s Fall

Add Phase

Each phase begins with the Fireteam splitting into two groups of three to clear the adds that spawn around the ring. Be sure to let the enemies get outside the doors, lest they get stuck and bug the encounter. Once the Knights spawn and subsequently die, the damage phase against Golgoroth with begin.

Gaze Team

After dropping the Wizards and Knights, it will fall to two Guardians to manage Golgoroth’s Gaze. This boils down to keeping his attention and positioning the monstrosity so the DPS team can do damage. As the DPS team drops the damage buff orbs from the ceiling into the pit, the Gaze Team will alternate aggro between themselves and move to positions around the ring so that Golgoroth is facing the DPS team in the pit. Essentially, each Guardian will be responsible for either the left or right side. Simply grab aggro and move to a position where Golgoroth is facing the fireteam. For a damage bonus, we recommend gaining Golgoroth’s attention with Tractor Cannon to apply another damage buff.

DPS Team

When the damage phase begins, four Guardians will drop into the pit with Golgoroth. Along the ceiling will be six orbs that must be shot down. Once an orb splashes on the ground, the damage team needs to stand in the puddle to gain a damage buff against Golgoroth. As the buff wears off, shoot down the next orb and proceed to that puddle.

Note, that during each orb drop, a Guardian in the pit will be randomly selected to become inflicted with Unstable Light. Pay attention to the buff/debuff area of your screen and immediately stand under Golgoroth if you get the buff. This will detonate a bomb that would otherwise wipe the fireteam. After the sixth buff wears off, it’s time to get out of the pool as it’s Golgoroth swim only.

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