Mainline Pokémon entries have always been turn-based strategy games, so Legends being an action game was a shock. On one hand, it’s exactly the fresh content the franchise needed—but on the other, this has made the game more challenging for those who are not used to this type of playstyle.

At the peak of these challenges are the boss Pokémon, like the Nobles and legendaries. But not to worry—these bosses are completely beatable. You just need to know a few things.

Recognize when they’re going to attack

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Before boss Pokémon attack, they let you know when they’re going to charge. For example, Noble Kleavor’s eyes glow before a dash. Noble Liligant will hop a few times before a big jump. Noble Arcanine jumps before a big land. By recognizing the telltale signs of an attack, you’ll know exactly when you should dodge or sprint.

Recognize attack patterns

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Next is attack patterns; every boss Pokémon has them. For instance, Kleavor will only ever use two to three of the same attacks, and you’ll always get a sign on what attack is coming (again, like the eye glow). Boss Pokémon will even use them in a set pattern. For example, Noble Liligant will only crash into you three times.

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By recognizing attack patterns, you’ll know exactly how long these attacks will last and where the Pokémon will land after an attack. Some Pokémon will also be vulnerable after a very specific attack, like after a charge from Kleavor. You can send out a Pokémon for battle during these instances.

Lock on to the Pokémon

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The one thing you never want to do during a boss fight is lose sight of the enemy. If the Pokémon is within targeting distance, lock onto them with ZL. This way, you’ll always know if they’re preparing for an attack and when they’re going to attack.

Remember that your dodge has immunity

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When we dodge, our first instinct might be to dodge away from the boss Pokémon. However, in Pokémon Legends, your character gains immunity during dodges (see anca’s clip below).

As such, if you have the opportunity to dodge into the Pokémon’s attack, do that. It’s perfectly safe!

Learn its type weaknesses

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Boss Pokémon will have brief moments when they’re dazed, whether this is after an attack or when you’ve hit them with enough balms. When this happens, you have the option to battle it. Winning the battle will make the Pokémon stop attacking for a long time, allowing you to bury it in balms. Learn about the boss Pokémon’s type weaknesses before the fight and send the right Pokémon into battle.

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This part is optional, by the way. Any boss Pokémon that needs to be pelted by balms can be beaten by balms alone. People who are comfortable with action games might find using balms easier (and faster) than going into battle with an underleveled team.

You don’t have to retry from the beginning

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Some boss Pokémon, like Arceus, are just built to be difficult. If you find yourself fainting mid-battle—that’s okay. The game will give you the option to continue the fight. You can even choose to retry with the boss’ HP depleted by choosing Keep previous progress.

Notice how the boss’ HP is divided into four segments? Every time you deplete one, the game marks it as a checkpoint. If you faint, you can choose to continue your battle from 3/4, 1/2, or 1/4 of the boss’ HP. Character damage will even reset.

Of course, you can also opt not to do this and just try from the beginning—just for fun! Pokémon Legends: Arceus lets people play action segments on the difficulty they feel comfortable completing them in.

For more help with Pokémon Legends: Arceus, we at Pro Game Guides have you covered.

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