Clawroline is the third main boss in Kirby and the Forgotten Land—a very lethal leopard hanging out in the circus arena at Wondaria Remains. Beating them is the only thing you have to do to clear the Danger under the Big Top stage and open the game to the fourth area of exploration.

How to defeat the Lethal Leopard, Clawroline

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When you land in the Danger under the Big Top stage and walk down a bit, you’ll see a Maxim Tomato and three Copy Abilities you can choose from before you face the boss, just like the last time. If you’ve found all Blueprints and upgraded your Copy Abilities, you can choose either Noble Ranger, Gigant Sword, or Chain Bomb—or the regular, less powerful versions, Ranger, Sword, or Sword Bomb.

But you should definitely have upgraded by now because Clawroline is no pushover. She moves quickly, and dodging her sharp claws and knives will be crucial to defeating her. Try this one with the Ranger Copy ability if you want a tough challenge. Hacking and slashing with a sword or throwing bombs will both be more straightforward options since they don’t require as much aiming.

Once the fight begins, Clawroline wastes no time striding towards you with damaging claw swipes. Keep back from this attack, and get in your own attacks while dodging. She will also jump into the air and come down to the ground, creating a shockwave that will reverberate and damage you if you don’t jump over it. Just like those of Gorimondo and Tropic Woods, Clawroline’s attacks will drop stars that normal Kirby can inhale and shoot back to deal some great ranged damage.

Beating Clawroline in the scaffolding in phase two

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Phase two will begin with a hiss when you deplete half of Clawroline’s health! She will start jumping high and throwing knives at you from her perch above. Make sure you never stop moving, or you’ll surely get hit. Clawroline will also target you with a spotlight and come down directly on you, so use good timing and stride out of the way with the R button. Her claws will get stuck in the ground, leaving an opening for you to attack.

The optional missions of the stage include:

  • Hit high-up Clawroline using Ranger
  • Defeat without hovering
  • Clear within one minute and thirty seconds
  • Beat the boss without taking any damage

Hitting Clawroline when she’s up in the scaffolds will require great timing and aim and honing your aim and dodging abilities to beat it with Copy Ability. Once you’re done with Ranger, you can inhale one of the throwing knives, and Kirby will take on the Sword Copy Ability, so keep this in mind if you want to use Clawroline’s own weapons against her in the second half of this fight.

Beating Clawroline and accomplishing the other missions will require practice, multiple attempts, and probably a little bit of luck. Remember to save movement time by cutting down on Kirby’s hovering. Press B to release a puff of air and just have him jump and move as quickly as he can while you focus on inhaling and shooting. You’ll have done a nice job beating the third main boss of Kirby and the Forgotten Land!

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