The bosses in Metroid Dread are challenging. Some are quite grueling and require practice and multiple attempts. Once you become an expert at reading and reacting to these boss’ patterns, they’ll be…a little less hard. This guide will show you how to defeat every boss in Artaria, Cataris, Dairon, Burenia, Ferenia, Ghavoran, Elun, Hanubia, and Itorash!

Metroid Dread Artaria boss – Corpius

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Your target for phase one will be Corpius’ head. Shoot it with enough charged beams and missiles, and eventually, the fight will go into phase two. Corpius will become invisible, except for a yellow glowing orb. Aim for it and keep shooting as you dodge the swings of Corpius’ tail. Read the tail movements and either move toward Corpius or away from it, depending on the positioning.

When phase three starts, Corpius will reappear. Slide under it with ZL and counter its attack with X at just the right moment—as the yellow flash appears. Jump onto the wall and grab the blue strip as you keep aiming for its head and avoiding the damaging yellow gas it’ll spread over the ground. When Corpius is about to slam its body into you and the wall, jump over the boss with good timing.

Metroid Dread Cataris boss – Kraid

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You can only damage Kraid by aiming for its open mouth. Feed Kraid an unending stream of Missiles and charged Beams, and eventually, Kraid will rise from the lava in a rage and expose its festering purple navel. Duck under the shards it throws into the wall, jump over the wave of purple gas it will throw over the ground, and be sure to destroy the bouncing objects with charged beams or Missiles—these will damage you easily but also yield health and ammo.

When Kraid covers its navel, a blue Spider Magnet panel will slide down the wall. Ride this up and fire more Missiles into Kraid’s mouth. Shoot the talons it throws, or they will knock you down. You can counterattack Kraid’s right-arm swipe, but you cannot dodge its left-arm punch, so drop down and repeat the process until you’ve finally beaten this grueling boss.

Metroid Dread Burenia boss – Drogyga

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Aim for the falling blue orbs with charged beams, and they’ll drop energy and ammo. The red ones are invulnerable, so avoid them, and jump over the tentacles that swipe at you (easier jumping toward Drogyga). Your target is the coiled tube of veins at the top.

Once you shoot it enough, the boss will be stunned, and you need to shoot one of two green buttons on the wall with a charged beam. Then use the Grapple Beam on the Spider Magnet panel directly overhead to get Samus on the other side of Drogyga. Shoot the green button on this wall with another charged beam. Now, the boss exposes its real target, so fire as many Missiles as you can. A tentacle here will ready a strike, but you can counter if you press X just as it flashes before the attack.

Metroid Dread boss – Robot Chozo Soldier

This fight is short but intense. The Robot Chozo solder will come at you relentlessly, and you need to take every opportunity to hit it with Missiles. It will shoot you with three blue beam shots, which you need to dodge, as well as one charged beam shot. You must avoid this boss’ attacks by Flash Shifting back and forth over its head, hitting it constantly with Missiles.

You can counter the Soldier’s blue strikes with X to get energy, ammo, and a chance to pummel it with more Missiles. Avoid the red strike altogether, and make good use of Samus’ Flash Shift. Soon, you’ll have this one down too.

Metroid Dread Ferenia boss – Escue

Another test of endurance. Your target is the boss itself, whenever it isn’t covered purple energy. Hit it constantly with Missiles at every opportunity. Escue will begin by shooting black orbs at you—if one of these hits the ground, you must be in the air when it makes a shocking pulse wave below Samus’ feet.

Escue will also send smaller, purple homing beams in your direction. Always be running away from them, double-jumping forward in the air, or Flash Shifting. Try to tap into the rhythm of Escue’s attack pattern. When Escue charges at you, do everything you can to avoid it—and take this instant with its back turned to strike.

Metroid Dread Cataris boss – Experiment No. Z-57

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This fight against a reanimated Corpius will also test your endurance. Avoid its pink goo beam by timing your jump through at the moment the boss stops spewing. Space-jump through the air to avoid the swipes of its tentacles and target the head with Missiles all the while.

Watch for the moment Z-57 lowers its head to the ground and shoots the goo. Get close to it, shooting it with Missiles, and watch for a flashing attack that you can counter. If done successfully, you have a chance to pummel it with more attacks.

Pink wind will begin to blow left, and you’ll need to run to the right while jumping and double-jumping through the harmful rays. Once that’s over, keep aiming for the head, avoiding the goo, and try shooting the four yellow bulbs at the ends of each of Z-57’s arms for items. You can pull off the counterattack sequence a couple more times.

Metroid Dread boss – Twin Robot Chozo Soldier

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These are the same as the previous Robot Chozo Soldier, but there are now two of them. You can try to target one of them first. Charge your Storm Missiles by aiming and targeting, and release a strong attack that does a good deal of damage to each Soldier.

You can also counter the blue strikes of these bosses, opening the way to a few seconds of your uninterrupted attacks. Be sure to avoid their red strikes. With enough practice and good use of Flash Shifting, you’ll be good enough to read their slightest movements and defeat them both easily.

Metroid Dread Ghavoran boss – Golzuna

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This one is similar to some enemies you’ve fought before. Start by sliding underneath and to the other side. Turn around quickly and barrage it with Storm Missiles. Golzuna will send out glowing orbs that will explode and shock you in various lined patterns—the purple one you can avoid easily enough. But you’ll want to Space Jump over Golzuna to avoid the pink ones. Soon enough, you’ll have beaten Golzuna.

Metroid Dread boss – Elite Chozo Soldier

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The Elite Chozo Soldier can be dodged with a jump and Flash Shift behind it. Give yourself enough time and space to target Storm Missiles before you let them fly and head to the other side, avoiding the Soldier’s attacks. Each attack can easily knock out half of Samus’ life, so make sure you steer clear enough for phase two.

The Elite Soldier will now attack on all fours, clinging to the walls and spewing a series of three toxic energy beams our way. It will also dash at you with its spear, so make sure to keep up the jumping and Flash Shifting while you keep hitting it with Storm Missiles. Eventually, you’ll get the chance to counter attack with X when you see two small flashes during the brief cutscene. Make sure you miss neither flash—or the fight will be extended and become even more grueling.

Metroid Dread boss – Raven Beak

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The final boss fight against Raven Beak comes in five phases. In the beginning, you’ll have to jump and double-jump over the boss as you shoot him with Missiles. Anticipate his swiping attacks and work your moves into a rhythm with his. You’ll need to get close when his red laser attack hits every point but the space around him, then dodge his attack and get one of your own in.

When the top part of the screen goes red with his laser attack, ducking will give you the chance to pull a counterattack. Once you do, phase two begins—Raven Beak will glow golden. Keep hitting him with Missiles and he will beckon you to keep attacking. Approach him to pull off another counterattack—two separate flashes will give you the opportunity to land quite a few hits.

Make sure you’re destroying every black orb he sends your way, since they’ll replenish your health and ammo. Before long, Raven Beak will sprout wings and become Raven Beak X! Avoid taking as much damage as possible as you’ll have to get around a whole new set of moves. Space jump in a circle around Raven Beak X to avoid one machine gun-like attack that will follow you.

Avoid the spear attacks that will pierce straight down or across and keep barraging him with as many hits as you can. Soon, you’ll have him down. Congrats on beating the final boss of Metroid Dread!

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