Tower of Fantasy is a massively multiplayer online game that lets you play your adventure solo or with other players. As this is an MMO game, playing with others is the most satisfying way of adventuring. That is especially true if you want to complete some of the most challenging parts of the game called Void Rifts. Here’s how to be successful in these party-focused challenges.

What is a Void Rift in Tower of Fantasy?

Void Rifts are challenging dungeons that are often part of the daily and weekly challenges in Tower of Fantasy that players complete to get rewards. These dungeons can be treacherous as they have bosses at the end. These monsters require special preparation, as most have some weaknesses to exploit. But first, you must go through many enemies to have the honor of being thrashed by a big bad boss.

Best way to beat a Void Rift in Tower of Fantasy

Also, you can plan the attack and not just run inside Leeroy Jenkins style. But as this will not always be possible, prepare yourself to be the best teammate. Whether you’re fighting alongside friends or random players, the strategy to complete the Void Rift is the same.

  • Bring out your best gear—don’t experiment if you’re not 100% sure that character build is efficient.
  • Equipped an efficient shield-breaking weapon—Scythe of the Crow (King simulacrum) can quickly break bosses’ shields to turn the battle tide quickly.
  • As in every MMO, you’ll need a healer to keep you alive. If there’s no healer, bring a lot of food to keep your health bar full.
  • Good support is always needed—especially when you know enemies’ vulnerabilities in the Rift (volt, for example).
  • Pick up buffs you find along the way—they look like floating blue pyramids. If you don’t need a particular buff you’ve collected, you can always give it to another party member.

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