The A Study in Potion event has successfully divided the Genshin Impact fanbase. Some players are breezing through the event, while others feel like it’s a build-check. While the event does seem daunting at first, it’s easy to win all of the primogems, even if your F2P.

The biggest mistake players make is relying on their own teams, the event gives you four fully kitted out characters to choose from. Look at the enemies in each domain, and separate these characters into two teams. You should also save your more impactful potions for the final domain. This will help you earn all the silver medals in the A Study in Potions event.

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Don’t rely on your main DPS unless you have a team that can take on the Spiral Abyss. You will want to use one of the two characters you choose for each team as your main hitter. Even the rental Kokomi can easily do double-digit numbers with each hit.

When choosing which characters to put on your team, throw in someone who can apply their element for reactions and consider a healer. To put things into perspective, the domain was tested with a fully-built level 90 C1 Ganyu, with a fully ascended Amo’s Bow, and the trial characters were still hitting harder in some instances.

You won’t be able to win all the rewards easily, but this set-up ensures that you can get all of A Study in Potions primogem rewards. For these, you only need to earn silver medals.

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