Building a city out of sugary delights and sending cookies into battle can certainly be an entertaining experience, but for many Cookie Run Kingdom players, the 12-30 level is a nightmare. This level pits players against the Pitaya Dragon, a seriously beefy boss that also packs quite the punch. Though the boss is certainly tough, it can be defeated with the right cookies and toppings in tow.

Best Cookies, Treasures, and Toppings for the Pitaya Dragon

Best Treasures

It has been determined the three best treasures for this fight are the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Squishy Jelly Watch, and Pilgrim’s Slingshot. The Old Pilgrim’s Scroll is simple but unbelievably strong as it raises your cookie’s attack power by at least 30%. The Squishy Jelly Watch is also incredibly strong, as it greatly reduces the cooldowns on your cookies’ skills. Lastly, the Pilgrim’s Slingshot is a boss-killing machine, as it greatly lowers the defense of the rear-most enemy. Since there are only one enemy in this fight, this makes the slingshot very strong against the dragon.

Best Cookies and Toppings for Each

Like with the treasures, the best cookies for this particular fight have also been determined along with the best toppings for each. The best cookies and toppings are as follows:

  • Dark Choco Cookie with five Solid Almond toppings: the goal here is to boost Dark Choco’s defense through the roof to tank the boss easily. Also, Dark Choco offers a defense drop skill to further weaken the boss.
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie with five Searing Raspberry toppings: like Caramel Arrow Cookie’s builds, the name of the game for this setup is damage, damage, and more damage. Searing Raspberries will provide a damage boost to Sorbet Shark who can then deal massive damage through the Shark Splash skill.
  • Vampire Cookie with five Searing Raspberry toppings: like Sorbet Shark, Vampire will be outfitted for nothing but damage to burn down the dragon. Her Vampirism skill will serve to keep her healthy while dealing massive damage to the boss.
  • Cotton Cookie with Solid Almond, Searing Raspberry, and Swift Chocolate toppings: Cotton is going to serve as the group’s summoner and healer, focusing less on damage and much more on utility. However, since her A Warm Light sheep attack the boss, she will still be doing incidental damage, making her a great fit for the team.
  • Eclair Cookie with five Swift Chocolate toppings: Eclair serves as a debuffing machine that will greatly weaken the dragon. Using her Book of History skill with the cooldown reduction from the Swift Chocolate and Squishy Jelly Watch, she can constantly debuff the boss so that it takes more damage.

With this combination of cookies, toppings, and treasures, players should be able to make quick work of this normally difficult level.

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